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In the interest of Safety, all employees must familiarize themselves, and comply with, the following Safety Rules:

  1. No employee shall operate tools, machinery or trucking equipment, unless he has been authorized to do so and instructed in the proper means of operation.
  2. Employees will make full use of the safety devices and personal protective equipment as necessary to protect their health and safety.
  3. No safety device (guards, electrical interlocks etc.) shall be removed or rendered inoperative unless equally effective measures are first put in place to ensure the safety of the worker. All defective safety devices, that must be removed for repair or alteration, must be replaced immediately following the completion of repair or alteration.
  4. Employees will be required to wear proper footwear in the Shop and at the job-site at all times.
  5. Where a worker is exposed to eye injury, he or she shall wear the appropriate eye protection to prevent injury. Use eye protection for example when; working around hazardous liquids, protruding objects, welding, grinding, cutting, soldering or brazing, compressed air, nailing guns and riveting or Ramset guns.
  6. Hearing protection must be worn whenever noise level are in excess of 85 Decibels.
  7. Rings, neck chains and other jewellery shall not be worn by employees while on the job.
  8. No employee may enter the workplace while possessing, or being under the influence of alcohol, or any drug which may impair the ability of the employee to function in a controlled and safe manner.
  9. No employee shall engage in a contest, horseplay, unnecessary running or rough or boisterous conduct which may endanger the safety of any person in the Plant.
  10. No employee shall ride as a passenger on a forklift truck except for training purposes, and then only if the truck is equipped with passenger seat.
No employee shall ride on a hand truck.
  1. Employees shall not block in any manner any emergency exit or fire fighting equipment. Employees are to assure that there is clear access to these exits and equipment at all times.
  2. Employees shall not wear clothing which is excessively loose or dangling and may become entangled in moving machinery.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in the Shop, in the Office and at the Job-site.
  4. Employees must report any injury requiring medical attention at once to their Supervisor and are to receive medical attention by a qualified person as soon as possible.
  5. All employees are encouraged to report unsafe conditions and other hazards to their Supervisor, and to their Safety Representative.
  6. Flammable liquids must be stored only in the designated area and each containers used for dispensing flammable liquids must be grounded and bonded to prevent explosion or fire.
  7. All propane fuel tanks, not in use, shall be stored outside of the building, in the area designated for such purpose.
  8. Flammable liquids (gasoline and solvents) shall be transferred to, and transported, only to safety cans.
19. Ensure when lifting heavy objects to not exceed your limit and when the object may exceed your limit to get help from the supervisor and or Mechanical lifting devices.
20. Work safely around moving vehicles, making eye contact with the operators before walking through vehicles blind spots.
21. Housekeeping and material storage are a big part of our business and great precaution shall be taken to ensure that there are no protruding objects left unattended, material shall be stored in such a manner that it is protected against theft and or damage, left in a manner that it may block walk ways and fire exists and material is not to be left on site after the job has been completed, if material storage is needed on site then a predetermined area will be assigned and if possible fence placed around it at the expense of the company (ALL EQUIPMENT LEFT ONSITE MUST BE STORED IN THE SAME AREA). An approximate count on all equipment is made if the equipment is left unattended over night or for any period of time.
22. When controlling public traffic a reflective vest is required.

23. Lifting and hoisting are to be done only by personnel who have been trained on hoisting and rigging. 

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