Monday, 17 February 2014

Gas leak Emergency Evacuation Plan

Gas leak Emergency Evacuation Plan

A strong odor-ant (such as ethyl mercaptan) is deliberately added to the otherwise colorless and odorless natural gas so that leaks can be easily detected by smell before an explosion occurs.

Situations where all of the following conditions are present:
The natural gas odor is persistent, i.e., continues to be detected via sense of smell.

If you smell gas and suspect a leak:

  1. Cease all operations immediately and do not operate any electrical devices (phones, electrical switches, electrical machines etc.).
2. IF smell is strong leave the area and call 911.
3. DO NOT CALL FROM AFFECTED AREA, OR TURN ELECTRIC SWITCHES ON OR OFF, phones or any other electrical equipment can create a source of ignition with enough energy to ignite fumes.
4. If gas smell is on the inside and windows can be easily opened, open to ventilate the area.
5. Evacuate the building by the nearest exit. Notify other building occupants in the affected area to do so as well. If any person for whatever reason cannot safely evacuate the building, assist them to an area of refuge such as a stairwell away from the emergency area. Alert emergency response personnel of their location.
6. Once outside, move away from the building at least 200 feet to the evacuation area, keep driveways and sidewalks clear for emergency crews.
7. Do not return to an evacuated building unless authorized to do so by emergency personnel.

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