Thursday, 20 February 2014

Choosing the right heat

Finding the right heat for your home isn't always straight foreword, you some times need to explore all options first.

1. Forced Air is probably the most common type of heating these days, and can be fairly efficient using oil or natural gas. Installing ducts can seem to be costly and a hassle but one advantage you use the ducts for cooling as well.

2. Using Radiant Heat In your home can be extremely efficient. It's one of the best forms of heating due to the way it works. Heating the walls, floors and objects in the room rather than heating the air.

3. Electric Heat could be one of the worst ways of heating your home costing more then any other system out there. Although if your in a pinch this system can be easily installed and maintained.

4. Geothermal Heating can be highly efficient and save you energy, using the heat of the earth with a closed-loop geothermal system you can harness the earths energy.

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